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ALVIE (Parafin Wax Pack)

An ideal heat therapy treatment with unique blend of essential oils. Treats dry, mature, cracked, wrinkled, rough hands and feet. Retains natural moisture & lightens the skin.


APPLE SHINE (Fruit Pack)

Enriched with Apple, rich source of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, it imparts natural shine and youthfulness to the skin. Provides polishing effect to the epidermal layer and makes it more lustrous and glowing.


BRIDAL FAIR (Insta- Glow Pack )

An effective face pack made from enriched Mineral Extracts and Valuable Herbs, Rejuvenates the skin & gives glow to the skin.


CLOVEX PACK (Anti Pimple Pack )

A unique blend of neem, Shudh Gandhak, Clove Oil and other natural ingredients for treatment and cure of acne, pimples and cuts.


COOLING PACK ( Open Pores Pack)

Treats open pores and oily skin problem. Tones the facial muscles alongwith offering cooling and soothing effect.


DIAMOND SHIMMER PACK (Refreshing Face Pack)

Offers refreshing and shimmer like shine effect to the skin surface.


EYE PACK (For under Eye Dark Circles )

Prevents fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Lightens dark circles. Suits all types of skin.


GOLD PACK (Revitalizing Pack)

Combination of gold leaves and cedar wood oil controls dehydration of skin and provides a satin smooth effect. Revitalises the skin also.


LACTOBASIL ( Hydrating Powder Pack)

Ideal for dislodging the dead skin cells and impurities. Enriched with extracts of sea-minerals, it revitalises dull, dehydrated skin..


MASK PACK (Fairness Pack)

A powerful anti- Blemish, anti-wrinkle, Fairness pack enriched with natural extracts of almond, balsam, honey and sandalwood oil. Daily use helps to make skin fairer and firmer.


MILK PROTEIN PACK (Rejuvenating Pack)

Milk Protein and essential oil blended pack for dehydrated, tired and stressed skin. Restores the radiant, firm and youthful appearance of the face. Acts as a revitalizing beauty enhancer also.


PEARL PACK (Whitening Pack )

Imparts shine and glow to the skin alongwith giving moisturising and softening effect. Regular use gives improved complexion and smooth skin.


SANDAL PACK ( Anti Wrinkle Pack)

Tightens skin pores and removes wrinkles alongwith retarding ageing process of skin. Enriched with natural extracts of Almond, Balsam and Sandalwood oil.


TEX PACK (Skin Tightening Pack)

A nourishing and smooth texturising face pack enriched with natural extracts having proteins. Helps to erase lines, scars and tightens the pores.



An extremely effective treatment for oily, rashy, acne and sensitive skin conditions. Contains natural extracts of clove oil, tumeric and rose.

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