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Almond Milk (Deep Cleansing Lotion)

An oil & milk rich formula which helps to deep cleanse the skin. Reinforced with natural moisturisers, it ensures clean & healthy look.


ALOEVERA GEL (Rehydrating Gel)

An Oil free natural moisturiser containing enzymes which stimulate skin metabolism. It rehydrates the skin and enhances its moisture retention capacity. Regular use of Aloevera Gel will make a visible difference to the skin.


COMPLEX GEL (Skin Rejuvenating Gel)

This milk Complex Gel lightens the pigmentation of skin thus making it fair, enhances glow and helps the skin look younger and healthier.


GOLD CLEANSER (Derma Cleanser)

A Non-sticky derma cleanser which cleanses the skin thoroughly and softens the epidermal layer of the skin.


HYDROGEL (-VE) (Anti Pollution Gel)

A Deep Cleansing gel which helps to remove deep toxins & impurities from the skin.


MORNING DEW (Face Wash )

Soap free face wash which cleanses the skin and restores the natural moisture of skin. Tender touch of gel keeps the skin smooth and soft.


NEEM FACE WASH (For Normal to Oily Skin )

A purifying blend of herbs like Neem & Teatree. This face wash removes excessive oil thereby protecting the skin from acne, pimples, spots & rashes.


PEARL GEL (Cleansing Gel)

Cleanses the skin impurities alongwith its soft peeling effect and making the skin surface smooth.


PEPPERMINT (Cleansing Gel)

Specially formulated with aroma oils it helps eliminate dead surface cells, pollutants, make-up and restores natural balance of skin.


ZEEMA CLEANSER (Antiseptic Cleanser )

Cleanses the skin by controlling natural acidic secretions and removing pollutants, grease and make-up from skin pores.

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