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Aroma Gold Bleach(Fairness Cream bleech)

Lightens hair to match the skin colour. Itís mild formula gives more natural texture to the skin.

Available in 43gm


Herbal Bleach (Herbal Fairness ncream bleach)

Looks Herbal Cream Bleach contains natural extracts of Haldi, Chandan & Alovera which gently cleanses the dark skin and removes the dirt, making it fairer and even in natural way. It is the ultimate solution which helps to lighten the skin tone without damaging the skin and enhancing the natural glow.

Available in 15gn & 43gm


Mango Bleach (Fruit fairness cream bleach)

A Pure Fruit extracts Mango Bleach which helps to decolourize hair and making the skin fairer and even tone in natural way. Can be used for arms and whole body .

Available in 43gm

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